Porte de la Lienne lies on the river Amblève near the confluence of her smaller sister the « Lienne ». Throughout the ages tourists have always been attracted to the magnificent valleys formed by the rivers. Tourism and forestry have left their marks on the regional economy. Despite industrialisation of the region that has influenced the well-being, the region has managed to keep its charm and character.The various rural villages still radiate friendliness.

In the period 1840-1935 manganese ferromanganese was being extracted from the valley of the Lienne. The manganese mines brought about many activities in these quiet valleys. Some traces still remind of these events.
Porte de la Lienne was built in 1850 simultaneously with its adjacent station as “Hotel de la Gare” to accommodate tourists as well as visitors of the mines.
Since the closing down of the mines, silence reigns over the valleys and the foundation “Le GRAL” attempts to preserve the sparse monuments from that time.

Fly fishing

Good fly fishing spots are hard to come by in the Ardennes. A private fly fishing trail that is open to everybody is unique. Hotel Port de la Lienne and the fly fishing association “Les Pêcheurs Sportifs” offer you the opportunity to fish in a well-protected and well-managed section of the River Ambleve with a one-day license.

The trail isn’t very long, but the Ambleve is quite wide here, about 30 metres from bank to bank. The fish population for the most part consists of wild (!) trout. Their average size is about 30 cm. Every year though trout of up to 40 cm are caught here. You will also find grayling in the river, resulting in some nice sporting experiences in the month of September.

From early spring until the end of the fishing season (end of September) the trout periodically will rise eagerly to the bait of a nicely presented dry fly. Don’t come expecting an easy catch: wild trout can be very picky.

The ideal equipment consists of a light rod (8 ft., # 3-4), a floating line, waders and a wading stick (!). You can fish with (barbless) dry flies, nymphs and wet flies. No lead allowed in the flies! All the fish has to be released in the water again (C+R).

Every year we issue fifty one-day licenses. These can be purchased from the hotel bar. We issue six licenses only every week.A one-day license only costs 15 euros. In addition to your one-day license you will also require an annual license from the Walloon Region (for sale onlinewww.maisondelapeche.be.)

We recommend booking your one-day license in advance due to the limited supply.


Tourism at that time was mainly reserved for the upper class people and visiting the Ardennes was beyond all means of the working man, leaving aside to his imagination the actual holiday places such as Spain, Tunisia, etc. Not only the medicinal springs in the Ardennes were frequently visited, but people were showing more interests in other activities and places of interest. The economical growth has made the Ardennes accessible to a larger public creating a variety of recreation possibilities in the vicinity of the “Porte de la Lienne”.


There are beavers at the bottom of our garden. As you can see from the photos below they can do some impressive things!

Bikers days

Since the first edition in 1999, the Bikers’ Days enjoyed an exceptional growth year after year. Thanks to this encountered success, today we have the opportunity to offer you an exclusive access to ride the most beautiful European circuits with your own motorcycle. The list of legendary and mythical circuits keeps on growing every season to satisfy the increasing demand : Spa-Francorchamps, Catalunya, Magny-Cours, Dijon-Prenois, Nürburgring, Mugello, Pau-Arnos, Le Vigeant, … Divided in 3 skill levels, you will have access to the track with the best possible safety measures : technical scrutinizing, briefing, safety cars, track and pit lane marshals, at least 2 I.C.U. ambulances with doctor and medical staff, … All useful information and the registration conditions are available on this website. For any further question, don’t hesitate to call the organization staff. A friend’s advice : apply NOW ! The previous editions were such a big success that hesitation may result in a big disappointment ! "The Bikers' Days - Open circuit for everybody"


Worth seeing and very known are the waterfalls of Coo. It can be visited free of charge and serves as starting point for the many walkers. The waterfall is 15 meters the highest and most famous waterfall of Belgium. The small waterfall exists since approximately the 15th century, the bigger waterfall is founded in the 18th century by the Prince-Abbot of Stavelot to a watercourse located Petit-Coo to protect against flooding. At the foot of the waterfall of Coo tourists may choose from various leisure activities, such as mini-play golf, carting and kayaking. You can enjoy a fantastic view over the Amblève Valley!


The Caves of Remouchamps

The cave of Remouchamps is visited by tourists since 1828. The resinous torches were used by the first visitors at that time, but a vague impression, in comparison with the magnificence that have failed to see, thanks to the listeners of modern lighting. The mysterious atmosphere that is created as a result of far exceeds the glorious subsurface.



The thermal baths of Spa

The town of Spa, known in days gone by as the «Pearl of the Ardennes», «The Café of Europe» is known throughout the world for its mineral waters and hydrotherapy, which have been internationally renowned since the 18th century. With the richness of its past undiminished to this day, discover all the facets of our beautiful town and the thermal springs which make it such an exceptional place. All the information you need to make the most of your visit.


Monde Sauvage Safari

At about twenty kilometers from Liège lies the picturesque Zoo Monde Sauvage. Fange de Deigné, 34920 Aywaille








The "NINGLINSPO", a bizarre name, to smile. But it is in fact a wonderful Valley, too little known. A Valley "romantic", in its actual definition "exulted the taste of the mystery and fantasy". A valley where flows a small river, but where a giant thrown here and there hand of the overdone rocks. Landscapes in both soft and appellants to the dream, but also tortured and grandiose. It is home, while often we will find very far!

Historical museum December 44

This Museum is dedicated to the 40 million men, women and children who lost their lives during the 1940-45 War.



Parc Animalier

The animal park invites you to discover animals in our climates on day parole. More than 40 hectares of plains and forests. Go to the discovery of large extinct predators, see the morphological differences between sheep and sheep or simply wild boar of our Ardennes… The animal park of La Reid has now over 300 animals day parole in thirty species!







Plopsa Coo

At the foot of the waterfalls of Coo you find this atractiepart complete with Karting, wild park, roller coasters and much more exciting and fun things for young and old.

Puzzle Planet

Puzzle Planet, a unique experience! the world's largest wooden maze challenges you!

Spa - Francorchamps

Early in 1920, nothing, it seemed, was to disturb the usual quietness in the peaceful village of Francorchamps, perched on a hill very close to the Moors. Nothing, except that, on a beautiful summer day, while settled at the Hotel des Bruyeres, two people well-know in the car racing world, the one being Jules de Thier, Manager of the newspaper " La Meuse ", and the other, Henri Langlois Van Ophem, Chairman of the Sports Commission at the RACB (Royal Automobile Club Belgium), had the idea of taking advantage of the triangle drawn by the roads connecting Malmedy, Stavelot and Francorchamps to make a racing track of it.